My planted tank seems to be "stalling" on the growth.
Here is my setup:

96Watts of lights (4 x 24w bulbs) (3 bulbs at 6500k/1 bulb at 10000k)
daily dose of excel
every water change I dose flourish plus mid week i'll dose again
flourish root tabs
lights are on a strict schedule of 8hrs a day (auto timer)
40b, lights are 6inches above the tank to help the spreading of the light.
substrate is normal pea sized gravel and about 2.5-3inches deep for ample root growth

and my plants just don't grow! (they have been acclimated and in the tank for over 2 months now)
I have a mix of amazon swords, wisteria (which has shown growth of maybe an inch every other week), rosette sword, ozelote sword, java fern and an anubias.

Recently, I have been able to grow some green hair that means something is out of wack. but I cannot pin point it b/c my plants arent growing.
you think if it was too much nutrients then the plants would still respond and grow with the algae, but that isn't the case.
they simply have not grown. ugh.