Hi all -

I have recently added a 180gal tank to my house and moved a large number of fish out of my 92gal bowfront into the new 180. I am now trying to figure out what to add back into the 92. It's planted, has driftwood, gravel bottom - will be converting to more sandy substrate in the coming year.

Current stocking is:

1 African butterfly fish
6 blackskirt tetras
4 dwarf neon rainbows, three female and one male
1 juvenile angelfish
1 honey gourami
1 baby swordtail (he will be joined by two other babies once they get big enough, not sure I will be keeping them all, depends on the male/female ratio as they grow up)
2 Siamese algae eaters
Bottom: 9 sterbae cories, two small plecos (gold nugget and a pinstripe panaque), 1 spotted raphael catfish, and one cuckoo catfish

At this point all is peaceful in the tank - no nipping, no hiding (well, except for the two catfish - I hardly ever see them), all seem to be healthy fish.

I would like to add something to give the middle of the tank some color - it's quite drab at this point. My blackskirts I have had for a year, and they have always been quite timid and shy - they have never done all the nipping that I've read about on the forum, and they've been with a large variety of community fish over the past year. I really don't want to add anything that will stress them out or bully them. I am also worried about my little angelfish, I don't want her bullied either.

I have been planning to add 2-3 more dwarf neons bows (to bring the ratio up 5 females:2 males). The other fish I have considered are:

Gold barbs, Odessa barbs (maybe too busy?), congo tetras (maybe too busy/big?), a group of male guppies, or maybe some other kind of tetra? I'm open to any other suggestions as well - main criteria are color and peacefulness.

Any thoughts on what might work? I am trying to be really careful with my decision cuz my other tanks are full, so whatever I get is stuck in that tank and my two lfs' are not great about taking fish back.

Thank you!