Hi. It's everyone favorite betta killer here...I'm only half kidding when I say that.

Anyway, I have a journal started for the 10 gallon tank that will house my final betta female. I'm just starting to cycle it now, so there's plenty of time to think about layout and stuff. Well, it's 10 gallons, and I'm wondering if anybody else will fit in there (of course, if future betta allows it). Susanna, my previous betta (rest the poor thing's soul), seemed quite lonely in the tank all by herself, and I'd like to avoid that. I'd love to have the tank in a place we hang out in more, but there's no room for a 10gal in my living room/kitchen. So I thought company might be a way to mitigate that.

My questions are: are female bettas more tolerant of company in their tanks? Is there room in a 10gal for anything more than one betta girl? It will be heavily planted, and quite nice.

Perhaps I'm overthinking it. But ideas are always good. Thank you!