Hi all
When I thought about fish compatibility as I was stocking my 90, I thought in terms of social behavior. What I hadn't given thought to was different feeding needs and requirements. And it's made for a dilemma I need a little help figuring out.

I lost my emperor pleco the other day. No one has come up with a reason why but the end result was, I decided no more plecos.

So - thinking in terms of adding peaceful non threatening fish, I bought 3 nice big silver dollars and added them to the 90 (they had been in a tank by themselves for about 4 months at my indy LFS, on separate filtration, so as good as QT - this is the same guy I've bought all my fish from)
Anyway, I added them to the 90 on Friday.
They are fine - picky eaters so far, but fine. Not at all skittish as I anticipated they might be. The BP's, however, have been in hiding ever since - except when it comes time to eat and then they chow down like there's no tomorrow. I'm hoping they will get over their shyness around the SD's who are larger then the largest BP.

End result since the BP's seem to want to eat ALL the food in the tank and the SD's only want blood worms or veggies - I have one BP who looks like its belly is going to pop and I'm just hoping it doesn't end up with a swim bladder issue.

Okay - with all that said ... I'm wondering if I should wait this out and see if we can come up with a healthy balance or if I should try to avert any problems down the road for the BP's by simply returning the SD's now, add a couple more BP's to the tank and call it good.

Trying to come up with a mix of food that makes everyone happy - doesn't skimp for some and doesn't over feed others - is not a problem I had anticipated.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'd really appreciate some advice.