First off...hello. :) I'm new here. I'm Sean and I just bought a 15-s 15 gallon acrylic tank from Clear For Life. It came with a black light hood cover and a clear thingy that slides out from under it (obviously covers the tank). I bought it not knowing that the stupid thing doesn't come with a lighting fixture. I took the empty 30inch long cover to Home Depot and they were clueless about how to put in a light. I googled and researched, and it says to buy a Clear For Life 24" Retrofit fixture.

My question...The black cover is basically just a big trough looking thing but has only four small holes on one side of the cover--it also has 4 pinhead-sized holes along the side. How the heck do I mount a light in this thing? Are these holes for a retrofit fixture to just screw in? And how do I plug the light into an outlet? I'm super frustrated here--if anyone has a detailed explanation or pictures of theirs that's similar to this, I'd MUCH appreciate it! Looking forward to participating on here more! Thanks