She's going from a 20 long to a 40 breeder, which I've set up with white sand, an Eheim 2215 canister filter and some faux plants, which I will replace with real ones soon.

The tank has been up for about 28 hours. I used CaribSea Instant Aquarium white (really very light tan) sand, put in API stress coat water conditioner, Nutrafin Cycle and some API Quick Start. The water has been cloudy, I think from the liquid that was in the bags with the sand. It's cleared up quite a bit, I don't know if could also be from a bacteria bloom...

I'm going to test the water tonight. She is really ready for a bigger tank and possibly a buddy.

What is the best way to move her? The new tank is about 10 feet across the room. Should I put her in a bucket? She's now around 5-6 inches long, head to the end of her fins. I don't want to upset her. I have a huge net but am concerned. I've never moved a fish as big as she is!