I have a 55 gallon "main tank" and a small 5 gallon tank i have sitting on my desk. I had a huge ick episode a couple months back in the main tank and lost all my fish , so i set up this small tank as a hospital/quarantine tank.

I let it cycle, and added a few fish. Figured id keep them in here for 3-4 weeks and If they are all healthy transfer them to my 55 gallon.

5 Neon tetra's
1 cory cat (to eat the junk left behind)

I lost 2 Tetra's, not sure if it was due to stress or just weak pet store fish so i have

3 tetras
1 cory cat

The tetras usually just Hang out with eachother and swim mid tank.

Ive been using omega one fish flakes, and the flakes would just float right in front of them, they wouldnt even nibble at it...So i tried crunching up and making them smaller, still didnt show any interest in the flakes...

I read online that Slow floating pellets are a lil better for them since they usually just catch the leftovers..So i bought some cichlid slow floating pellets, This seemed to do a little better, but after feeding them today, they just let them float on by...

Im assuming this is unusual behavoir.

Checked water condition and they are good?