As some know I have recently accepted an offer on my current house which was an inheritance and simply just far too much home for my needs. It kind of makes me queasy to think about the money and time I have poured into keeping the place up. I have remedied this buy dropping an offer on a much smaller house right in the middle of town...instead of 50 acres I have 1/2 an acre and instead of 4000sq ft I now have 1250sq ft. If everything goes as expected we will be closing on November 28th.

The new house is a cottage style home built in has been recently renovated. It is going to very easy to transform the new home into a minimalistic modern area...unlike my present stuffy contemporary home. Which brings the real intent of this post into question. I am also going to be replacing all of my existing aquariums which are old and scratched with brand new shiny ones. I would never consider putting my O into less than a 6ft tank permanently and have found a great resource for a 125G standard tank. The tank would be placed in a bedroom which would be used as a home office and be placed along an exterior wall and running perpendicular to the floor joists. The inspection resulted that the home itself appears to be well built and the floors are level(unlike my present home). Would anyone expect an issue with supporting the weight? I will also be adding 2x75G tanks and bringing along my 50G and 20G as well if that would be a concern.

Any advice on determining floor strength, or moving large fish....please send it my way