Hey people,
I am going on holiday to Germany in two weeks for 1 month. Now i have a 30 gallon long with the following:
- 8 neon tetras ( intend to increase this when i come back)
- 1 Albino Bristle-nose
- 1 Albino long-fin Bristle-nose
- 3 adult guppies and what seems like 50 fry

It is also heavily planted
I feed once a day alternating between micro-worms, frozen bloodworms (once a week) and catfish algae wafers (more like tablets)
I also have a zucchini in there most of the time. (yes i do replace it when it starts to become soft and breaks apart.)
My question is how should i feed my fish?
Should i get a friend to do it every couple of days, or should i get a food block?