WOW, there is a lot of information and misinformation out there on this subject.

The majority of information out there points to Clown Plecos as being wood eaters. (though there are some resources which oppose that too)

I have drift wood in the tank, and I am pretty sure its Mopani. Whereas some folks say this wood is great for the Clown Pleco, others say its too hard for them to chew, and it is pretty dense hard wood. Does anyone hear know of other types of wood that would be ideal for the Clown Pleco to graze on? I heard that Beech, Birch, Apple, and Cherry are some good choices.

If I do find some of these woods, how should I prepare them. I assume I want dead wood, but how long should it be dead for if I choose to cut a branch. I know to boil and soak, but should I remove all the bark as well?

Anyone got good answers or tips?