Who watches this show? I love it. My favorite character is Cas. I reeeeally like Cas, so much that when i saw a beige trenchcoat in the dog apparel aisle at That Fish Place that looked extremely similar to the one Cas wears (except for fact that this one is for dogs, not men) i decided i will rush out and buy it this Saturday.

Who is your favorite character? Why? What is your favorite line that they have said that you can think of off top of head and why? Are they still on the show and do you think they will stay forever? Ill go first.

Cas is my favorite character because he is just super awesome! They made a superman character with compassion and power, but hes better than superman because he has plenty of weaknesses and they arent afraid to repeatedly kill him or make him lose power to show hes not really superman. I like that they show that even the powerful angel can make mistakes, and that his mistakes have so much consequence.

Favorite line: The simple line "I found a liquor store... And i drank it." A whole store? Thats a lot of liquor! Me and my grandma just lose it every time somebody brings up that line...

^Drunk Castiel in scene of my line

I think Cas will remain a permanent character. He has quite a large fan-base, and the brothers have lost so much i just dont think they can lose any more! They bring him back so much i just cant see them not doing it everytime they take him away. I just cant.

Any other Supernatural superfans on here?