My plan is that when i need to use the quarntine tank i take as much water as i can from the main tank, also take out the cycle sponges from my tetratec 1200 , and then plug in the heater and the sponge filter


I just got a Juwel 60 to use as a Quarantine tank, it came with a filter that is not working but I want to take this out of the tank , if anyone has any tips on how to remove this filter,

I am using a Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter Fish Tank Air Pump in my main tank at the moment, )

( with a tetratec 1200 and the plan was that if I need to quarantine or use the tank I can just take this sponge filter out of main tank and stick it in the quarantine tank. Would this be alright for a filter ?

Is there suppose to be a condensation tray in between this tank ?