Hi guys! I am a newbie and need some advice. I should probably tell you the background of this....

I started a 10 gal. about 2 months ago. It is currently stocked with 3 cherry barbs, 2 zebra danios and 1 peppered cory.

My other tank is a 44 gallon pentagon that I started a month ago. It is currently stocked with 2 killifish, 7 serpae tetras, 4 corys (skunk, puntatus, panda & aneus), 1 odessa barb, and 2 long finned barbs.

As it turned out, the filters that came with my tanks (I used these to cycle the tanks) were awful, so ...about 2 weeks ago I purchased an AquaClear 30 for the 10 gal. and an AquaClear 70 for the 44 gal. When I did the "filter swap" I placed a good portion of the old bio fiber into the new filters to prevent completely breaking the cycle.

I am currently having high ammonia levels in both tanks . I have been doing water changes (25%), adding Ammo Lock to neutralize the ammonia and adding API Stress Zyme as well. The fish are acting normal, have full color and are eating. I am thinking that I screwed up the bio filter with the filter change. Looking for any thoughts anyone may have on this and if there is anything else I can be doing to help the situation. If water changes are the answer, how often should I be doing them?

Also, my odessa barb is harassing my 2 long finned barbs... when I added the 2 long fins, I rearranged the tank hoping to eliminate any territorial issues...will this behavior settle? does the odessa need another odessa?

Wow, if you've made it to the end of this....you are a trooper! Thanks for any comments you may have!!!