So my Angel will be getting a new home (55 Gallon) as he is starting to outgrow his current one (20 Gallon). I got him about 8 months ago (I think) and he was about the size of a nickel. Now he is approximately 3" from Nose to the tip of his tail and about 3" to 4" tall. He loves meal time if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, the new 55 gallon will be arriving at the end of December. When the new tank has cycled (With established media from the current tank) I will be getting a school of fish... I just can't make a decision on what. So far i've narrowed it down to (but not limited to) : Cherry Barbs , Harlequins and maybe Neon Tetras. Not sure about the Neons because of water conditions they require.

I currently have in the 20 gallon:

3 Emerald Cory Cats
3 Otocinclus Cats
The Angel
... and 3 Ghost Shrimp (I'm pretty sure the Angel ate 2 of them though)
I also have a Java Fern that won't stop growing...
and an Anubias that is doing well

Any suggestions on what kind of Schooling Fish?
Any suggestions welcome for the tank.