My first Journal.

It's going to be short and sweet for the moment as i'm in the middle of my second 50% water change in a row for the ten gallon as the NitrItes were back up to 1.0 today.

I also did a 50% water change on the 4 gallon today due to the .25 ammonia reading. As it's a smaller tank and not even half through cycle yet i didn't want to take any chances.

Going to check the NitrItes on the 10 gallon after this second change. And if things pan out i will dose both with seachams and call it a WC day.

Per fishmommie's advice, i'm not going to change the PH on my water. Both the tap water and the aquarium water in both tanks is 8.2. the fish are still alive in both tanks and don't want to kill them with PH SHOCK.

More later. The bucket's almost full.