What I have: 2 gal tank w/ 1 male betta...I know, I know...will be upgrading to a 5 gal.

What I want:

Possibly a tankmate for the betta once he's in the 5 gal, maybe even just a ghost shrimp. I really wanted an African dwarf frog, but I think they need to be with more than one and I'm not sure the 5 gal would be big enough for the betta and 1 frog. I'm not sure about the tankmate because he seems fairly aggressive, but may calm down in the 5 gal.

A 10 or 20 gal with some combo of the following: male betta (definitely) 2 African dwarf frogs (definitely, possibly more), ghost shrimp, glass cats, neons, glofish, Pentazona barb.

I'll probably get the 10 gal due to space considerations. Ideally, I'd like the male betta, 2+ African dwarf frogs, 1-4 ghost shrimp and possibly some small, pref non schooling min mod active mid range small fish. Probably asking too much, but thought I'd ask :-)

Comments/info on the above scenarios appreciated...