Almost had two heart attacks today. First one was when I realized Cloud wasn't in her tank... She had jumped out and fallen down behind it. I almost didn't find her in time. When I did fine her, her scales were dry, but she was still alive, miraculously. I got her back into the tank, and she seems to be doing fine. At first I thought she had injured her right pectoral, as she was keeping it tight to her side and only using the left one, but she's using both fins now, and I don't see any signs of damage. Will be keeping an eye on her, though.

Heart attack number two was when the hallway smoke alarm went off suddenly, for no reason that we can find. It was 2:20 in the morning, no one but me was up and nobody had been cooking or anything for hours. There was no smoke and no fire, no reason we could see for it to be going off. The thing is electric, not battery-powered, so its power source running low was no excuse, either. It scared the tar out of all of us. Dad had to shut off the breaker to the hallway to make it stop.