Hey all,

So we found this forum a little over a month ago, while frantically searching for information on keeping fish. A little background - hubby (bolsen27) hasn't ever had fish, but I (tobinkinz) actually dabbled a bit in breeding guppies while in college, oh, about 10+ years ago. By dabbled, I mean that I couldn't have any furry pets in the dorm room but we were allowed fish, so I kept a 10 gallon with some male and female guppies and got excited when I saw fry swimming about. My mom had a 20 gallon tank for several years, but I didn't remember that much about it.

Our first attempt was what brought us to this forum, in an effort to learn more about the hobby. We have a 20 gal tall that is now finally cycled no thanks to us doing everything completely backwards. Fortunately only lost 2 false julii corys, and I wonder if they weren't the best stock to start with.

I have really enjoyed reading through the tank journals, especially brhino and MCHRKiller. I have no doubt that this journal will pale in comparison, but I have good standards to live up to!