Hey Everyone,

I have two tanks. One is a 16 gallon bowfront with a stand. The other is a 20 gallon tank without a stand. I know that I should start with a larger tank, but monetary restrictions limit this (buying a new house is a serious chunk of change!) Below is a listing of the components that I've researched for the tank. Please give me some imput/ criticism. I'm not planning on starting for at least another month or two.

20 pounds live rock- Nano vs. Fiji premium? Thoughts on both types?
20 pounds sand- Caribsea Aragonite
50 gallon bag sea water mix- 46lbs- 160 gallons
Test kit- master test kit- pH, kH, GH, NH3/NH4, NO2, NO3, PO4, Cu, and Ca.
2 Powerheads- Hydor Koralia Nano Water Circulation Pump- 240 GPH (2)
Lighting- Coralife Lunar Aqualight Quad T5 HO Aquarium Light

I've thought about replacing one powerhead with a HOB skimmer...thoughts?