Hi everybody.

I need a little reassurance, or help maybe if something is wrong. Yesterday we got Susanna, a crown tail female. My daughter picked her out...she seemed lively and pretty healthy, save for some bottom fin damage (looks like water quality damage IMO). Anyway, we got her home, drip acclimated her, and put her in her 5 gallon tank. She seemed pretty baffled by the flow from the internal filter, but soon got her bearings and was swimming around.

I tried to feed her a little this morning, since she was swimming about actively. She didn't eat, even though she saw the food being put in. This is making me nervous. Is it normal for bettas to not eat right away? As far as I can tell she is adjusting well...swimming and exploring in the tank, she doesn't really use the hiding places yet - the tank is full of silk plants and cover.

Is she sick? I do not need another betta dying on me. Do I just need to have patience? Give me the gritty truth, please. Thanks.