Hey everyone,

In a few months I will be slowly starting a 16 gallon nano reef tank. I've been researching reef tanks for the past 6 months, and I think I'm a few months away from getting started with the appropriate information. I have a 36 gallon fresh water tank, but I don't want to go that big with a salt water tank, simply due to monetary and space restrictions and the fact that I don't want to put a thousand dollars into something that may not suit me. That being said, I was going to use 20 lbs of sand, 20-25 lbs of live rock, a Rena Filstar xp2 canister filter, and two powerheads. My question for you- what is a good (brand) light that can be set on a 24 hour timer (automatic day and moon lighting) that will work for low and medium light level corals?