Okay thank you I will have a read later when i get home from work about the cycling. :) re the ulcer on his face, It really did look like it was coming 'away' from his chin lastnight and i posted just that this afternoon when I got home, BUT, upon seeing him again I have noticed it is not coming away from his face like it was yesterday and appears to have grown 'fuzz', so now he has a little mound of fuzz below his chin.....like the same kind of fuzz mould grows on it.How can this happen when I have Pimafix in the water? it would seem it's actually worse. Thinking I have to go and get a 'real' Fungal treatment now that there's no snails in the tank to kill.
Still woukd like a reply about the heater...anyone? thank you kindly.
btw, been posting Boomer updates on my Facebook wall for the last week and a half...i have friends at work asking everyday and I'm sure, 'lol'ing behind my back hehe I can't help it I love the fish ;)