Hi again. Daisy, the new betta, has herself a 5 gal tank all to herself. I think the setup is pretty good.

Anyway, when we got her I noticed her belly looked a bit swollen...didn't notice until I got her home, of course (that's the way it always goes). It seems to be getting worse. She is still swimming about, looking lively, but the belly is growing. I have been fasting her for a day with no improvement.

She has been having this stringy white poop, which leads me to think parasite infection, but the bloat itself make me think bacteria. I added some maracyn 2 to the tank this am, but then realized that maybe I need some help figuring this out.

Please help me think this through. And, if it is a parasite, how do I treat it? I am new to bettas, and have never had a parasite problem, so I'm kinda clueless.

Poor Daisy. I can tell she's uncomfortable. Thanks for your help.