So I am finally finishing up my Discus tank, and I'm starting to look around to decide where I am getting them from.

Problem is every LFS in town has terrible choices when it comes to Discus. Most of them don't even carry them. Of the two main shops we use one has a few juveniles none of which look great, and one has both juvies and a couple adults. The second shop has discus that look a little better, and they have a pair that is already mated which is a plus because I would rather get a mated pair of adults than a group of juveniles. Problem is they are all low grade wild colors. Now I am not totally against wilds, but they have to be exceptional specimen to look good enough, and these just aren't really.

The other problem is that I'm not sure if the ones here are domestic bred or not, but it's a pretty strong requirement for me that the ones I get are. I'm pretty sure it would be a good idea to keep captives for my first try.

So instead of settling I want to try and find some I will actually be happy with. Does anyone know of either a shop or a private breeder in Oregon? Or if not, does anyone have experience with a reputable online source for discus? They are so delicate I hesitate to buy them online and put them through shipping.

One option I have that I can still try is to make a trip up to "the wet spot" in Portland. They are a pretty famous FS, and are supposed to be incredible, but they are 2 hrs away from us so I'm not sure if we can make the trip until this semester is over because we are too busy with classes.

My wife really wants these guys, but from what little info I have found on them I gather that they are a fairly rare breed:

Is there any noticeable difference between the four wild types that makes one better than the others? Or is it all just superficial?

Thanks in advance for any info.