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  1. Default snail 911 help maybe??

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    i dont know if mystery snails mate, i thought all snails were A-sexual, this is the photo, i touched them they broke and one kind floated mid air, they finally sunk and are doing it again. does it want its shell, one seems to be invading the other why the other is crawling away, as i write this Amber(gf) had to break them up again.. I dont know if i am reading to much but it doesnt look like a mutual thing lol??

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    It is a perfectly natural thing. They are mating. I doubt they are pleased that you keep interrupting them.

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  3. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingFisher
    It is a perfectly natural thing. They are mating. I doubt they are pleased that you keep interrupting them.

    haha, well i guess i have always had males, this 100% new to me guess i gotta tell em sorry

    wait, will my fish eat the babies, dear lord i dont want 100s of them

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    mystery snails lay a clutch of eggs (a large lumpy mass) somewhere in a humid but above-the-waterline spot. If you don't want them reproducing, simply remove the clutch when you find it.
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  5. Default

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    thank you both very mutch, i was tabbed over looking at info and havnt that yet, so question solved

  6. Default

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    new question, once in a while one just floats to surface, i keep pushing it back down, then it finally takes cling of somthing, does its snail thing then hour later it floats up again, i dont know exactly which one the female is but i have a good ideal it is the one i am talking about.. Amonia is .50ppm

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    Holy crap, do a massive water change NOW. Like, over 50%

    Why do you have ammonia? Where are you at in your cycle?

    Never let the ammonia above .25ppm.
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  8. Default

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    i have today it is not effecting nothing else, i have 2 snails and a pleco, do about 40 each day... i am not concerned with amonia at moment, I mean i am .50 was before the water change, sorry.. it raises up to .50 everyday before water change. then goes down to almost 0. I am really concerned about snail, it happens everytime they mate

    EDIT.. he is floating again... pushed him down and he is moving

  9. Default

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    WTF.. so we left my room for a bit, came back and she was on her side, i was gonna discard since it looked dead, my gf said na give it some time, that was about 30 minutes ago, so I am getting ready for bed and it comes out of its shell, flips itself and is now halfway up the tank glass, anybody got any expierance with this, I think i am gonna name it Lazarous

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    You really shouldn't have to do water changes that frequently to keep your ammonia under control. Read up on cycling your tank. But about the snails, mine did that from time to time too before I got the water quality down. They can actually control their buoyancy and will try to "float down stream" when conditions aren't right. So check your water and get back to us.

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