Hoping someone can help me-please? Ok- I have a 110 gallon tank, 2 aqueon quiteflow 55/75 filters, heater, submersible UV sterilization light/pump and plenty of aeration. In my tank I have 2 blood parrots, 2 jeweled cichlids and 1 african yellow cichlid. I had 2 african yellows but about a month and a half ago tank ended up getting ick and the one died, despite treatment- everyone else did fine- tank has been fine since. So my problem is- I noticed my african yellow swimming erratically this afternoon, darting, swimming vertical, then this evening it did a death roll and then went into a little cave and was lying on it's side (I thought it was dead for sure then- but when I went to scoop him- though I'm not sure if male or female- he took off swimming and now is hanging out at the top of the tank underneath the filter and by the heater- and twicthing constantly- almost seizure like. There are no white spots, no velvet, nothing- just the erratic behavior. I just did a water change last week- my water parameters are normal and stable- pH 8.2 no ammonia, no nitrites or nitrates, temp 80-82 degrees. I put in the cichlid trace elements once a week, the lights are on a timer and they eat 2 times a day at the same time every day (autofeeder) so there has been NO drastic changes to the tank. The only thing I have done differently is added algaefix to treat a little bit of algae in the tank, but I followed the directions and the bottle said safe for plants and fish. All the fish entered the tank at the same time this past July, they all get along well. I really don't know what is wrong and I was planning on getting a new yellow next week to give him (or her) a buddy back- but now I'm not sure- and the reason I've waited in getting another one is because I wanted to make sure everything stayed stable with the tank. So- hoping someone can help me!! Thank you!!