I have two groups of questions that are completely unrelated to each other.

1. Two sundays ago I picked up a opaline gourami and got him settled in my qt tank. He has been eating fine though he seems to have a hard time finding the food and looks healthy. I have noticed that on the end of one of his feller fins the first centimeter of so seems skinnier and white versus a more metallic white on the rest of it. Should I be worried? Number two he uses his feelers all the time and as I said above seems to have a hard time finding his food. should I be worried? Just last ninght I was looking at the tank and noticed a buch of really, really tiny worm looking thigns on the glass. If I look realy close I cans see them moving. What are they? should i be worried?

2. The triops tank I maintain at school is currently being cycled with fish food and seeded media. My questions is about a week ago a snot like slime started covering the substrate where it landed. Now it appears to have greenish black patches. What is it?