im getting ready for work so excuse me for seeming scattered but since upgrading my tank size, depth has been an issue, i never upgraded my lighting , all of my plants are huddled in one spot and i keep the light directly above them, so i dont lose anything, but i am ready to expand. i have been shopping around like mad, but things are marketed a little suspiciously, and reviews are all over the place, very inconsistant.i cant seem to find much information at all on submerged lighting as it relates to plant growth.

what ive really had my eye on are some submergable led spotlights. the submergable led strips just seem to cheap to even bother with, as i know you typically get what you pay for. they are only a few watts each, the spotlights, but being focused on say, a single row of dwarf hair grass, or a bed of christmas tree moss, does that increase the potency, or the absorbable amount of light? im definitely not putting 25 spotlights into this lol. t5ho setups are a little low on my list right now. 20 bucks for a submergable led spotlight is almost underpaying in my mind, but this IS the future, and led technology has been surprising. does this all sound terrible for the plants? or could this be a nice idea? any input at all is appreciated! thanks in advance!