Water Parameters:
Hardness: 106 - 127 ppm [5.9 - 7.1 dKH]
pH: 7-8.6 [Apparently it fluctuates]
Temperature: 24
Light: 20 watts on a standard 10 gallon [Daylight Bulbs]
Substrate: Fluval Stratum
Fauna: A paradise fish or some guppies

I plan to get a bottle of Flourish Excel co2, and I have Flourish Comprehensive Supplement

This is the list of compatible plants I've compiled:

Oriental Sword
Green Cabomba
Water Wisteria
Java moss? [Would it do ok as a moss carpet in the shadow of the other plants after they've been established?]
[I would also include Vals but I've heard that they don't do well with Flourish products.]

If you guys could help me add or filter out plants from my possible selection, that would be very much appreciated. (I'd like to find some nice foreground plants.)
This will be my first planted aquarium, so any other miscellanious tips would be great too. :)