So learning a hard lesson right now to not neglect the substrate and all kinds of fun stuff that could follow.

So after this neglect or this is incredible timing.
I have 2 fish that are showing some sort of disease.

I'll try and get pics tonight, but they don't stay still enough for the pic.

Fish 1: Spotted Cory
Last night, I saw the cory swimming and he had a white mark on him. Looked a bit puffy and right outside his right gill.

Fish 2: EBR
clear poop with white dots, and stringy.

So plan of action I took last night.
did slightly under the recommended dosing of Maracyn 2.
added some PraziPro (never de-wormed the fish anyhow, so might as well to be safe)

Was I correct in these meds?
Or shall I do a big water change and use other meds?
The only other additional meds I have are Melafix and PimaFix