So I just purchased my third tank. (30,30,60) 60 gallons, and I'm going to do my first saltwater tank! Super excited but not very knowledgeable when it comes to stocking or even setting up a saltwater tank. I've read a lot about settups and I've done well and I'm not worried about that. What I'm having a very hard time with is fish selection. I've read for my 60 gallon, I should go with 5 smaller fish and maybe 1 decent size fish that has a minimum tank size of 55 or so. I'm up in the air about either going with an aggressiveness tank (lion fish, eel, etc.) or going with beauty and docile fish (clowns, damsels etc.) I'm leaning a little more on the docile fish side as of now, just because I love the sheer beauty and color of clowns, mandarins, and damsels etc. My question for you knowledgeable people out there is for either situation, what are some selection possibilities?
AGGRESSIVE: eel of any kind
DOCILE: clown/anemone combo and maybe mandarin

could you provide your brilliance and show me the light with possible combos for either situation.

Thanks sooooooooo much!