I got this new freshwater 30 gallon tank just over a month ago and it is still not clearing up! Over the past month, I've lost about 10 fish in this tank alone. I've done everything by the book, all of my levels are almost perfect! Aside from the barely above average levels of ammonia. I've purchased and applied many ammo lock products, I've dont water changes. I've decreased my feeding amounts. i just can't seem to get it to clear up! The color is eh, just not clear. It's not GREEN, and it's not really WHITE. If I had to decide, I'd say white. Right now i've got 5 glo fish. 3 neon tetras and 1 dojo loach.

I've had 2 cories, one more loach, 3 glofish, 5 neons, 2 snails, and 3 plecos all die on me. Very upsetting since I've done everything by the book and Cannot seem to get it under control. The most "inches" of fish at any given time I've had is about 14 inches. i'm running a filter that came with the 30 gallon tank and I've changed the filter media once a month. 2 changes. And I've applied proper bacteria the first week and then every once in a while! PLZ HELP