My father recently purchased a 16 gallon Aqueon tank setup from Petco. It came with a Quietflow10. I am trying to make the most with what he's got now because he just started the hobby.

The filter claims to have a wet/dry bio filter, which is basically a plastic water diffuser. However, I've noticed that it doesn't hold much BB. I decided to do a little DIY and hung a bag of ceramic bio-media in front of the outflow to simulate a wet/dry scenario.

Here is the question. Of course I think this is a good idea, considering what little I have to work with. But I really want some opinions! Is there anything else I can do to improve the bio-load? What other mods do people do on their power filters?

(I also replaced the factory filter with just a regular filtration pad. I don't normally used carbon, but I'm in the process of clearing our the rest of the ich meds.)