Hi. I feel like I am totally spamming this section of the board. I am really kinda obsessed with getting my tank right.

I am interested in growing low to medium light plants in my 48"long, 20" (or so)high, 12"deep FW tank. Right now I have two 18" T8s in there...one is 6700k 15w, one is 10,000k 15w. That's not enough to grow anything.

I am interested in buying two 24" ecoxotic stunner strips in 8000k to supplement my existing lighting (actually buying just one to see how it goes). Does anyone have any experiences or opinions about whether or not this is enough light to grow the plants I want?

There are many who advocate T5s, but they are just so hot, and the power saving and ease of use in the LEDs looks good. Also, they would quite affordable as a supplement. But not if they won't work!