Well, I finally did it. Made the jump to marine.

Picked up a 120g today and bought 2 aqueon 250s to heat it, and an aqua-c Remora Pro for the skimmer.

The tank came with a fluval405 but I decided that was too under powered for it, so I decided to move the fluval to my new 55g since it needed a new filter anyway, and just go for a marine conversion on this new 120g.

The one big problem that left me with was the tank isnt drilled, doesnt have an integrated sump, and the stand doesn't have a lot of room for one either. But I think with the kind of system I want to run eventually it will work if I can get it to be ok until it's complete. I just have to build slow.

Going tomorrow after its set up to look at options for a small overflow that will fit in the stand cabinents possibly, and bought a pump to use as a return so I can set up another tank next to it (either a 40g breeder, or 2 20g cubes) as a Refugium. A friend of mine that owns one of the LFS in town is going to help me look at possibly modifying the stand or finding something that will fit in it.

Gonna go pick up the LR as soon as I've got it set up, hopefully tomorrow or early this next week. Cheapest I've been able to find it here is $4.75/lb. Going with 100lb for starters and gonna see how that suites me before deciding if I need more. It's gonna hurt the pocket book but it's worth it, and some places have it as high as $9/lb so at least it's a little better.

Deff gonna need to upgrade the lighting but I'm still arguing with myself about whether I'm going to just get an ugly multi-t5 workhorse, or of I'm gonna go ahead and pull the trigger to invest in an LED system. It's a tough decision in my head between me and me, and I'm loosing...

Snagged a couple of those hydror propeller powerheads so that later down the line I can upgrade to a control box if I decide I want to.

Just gonna start simple with a FOWLR for now since stock is going to be slow coming and my light isnt ready for anything crazy in the fuge yet, but trying to make sure I leave myself plenty of room to upgrade later when I'm ready to try anemone and high req coral.

All in all I burned through about $800 today which was more than I had planned, and there's still some important parts of the puzzle to get. Still not bad for an almost full conversion to marine. Plus I get to go fun with a larger tank for my first marine instead of a nanoreef, so that's nice.

I'll start a journal tomorrow when I actually start opening boxes and setting everything up. Now I just gotta go see if my tiny 5ft wife and I can get the tank unloaded and into the house by ourselves. Wish us luck? Lol.