Hey all I have a 20 gallon tank and I am looking for help/advice/suggestions for adding a few non schooling fish that will do well with what I already have in the tank.
Currently I have 5 false julii's, 5 black neon tetras, 5 serpae tetras and 1 emerald cory. We are going to donate the 5 serpae tetras and 1 emerald cory to the LFS, the serpaes are nipping at the other fish. We are planning on replacing the serpaes with 5 cardinal tetras. That way we have 2 sets of schooling fish and a set of bottom feeders. But we want to add a 2-3 non schooling fish to the tank that can possible add some color or a variety in the shapes of the fish. I was looking at a gold twinbar platy at one option. Any other ideas?