I am rebuilding my 29gl aquarium that used to be planted. I originally bought ahsupply BrightKit (http://www.ahsupply.com/36-55w.htm) to use 5500K-6700K lightbulbs with better output. Now I have a newborn in the house and I'd like to keep only a few low-light easy plants like java ferns and anubises. I have a few questions:
1. Can I reuse my 5500K 55W bulb or is it going to be too much light and lead to algae growth?
2. Can I reuse this bulb just for a shorter periods of time (like 3-4 hours - I don't need my tank lit all the time - it is in a room that is fairly light anyways)
3. Should I just buy a new regular light fixture? If yes, how much light do I need for just a few low-light plants?
4. If you are familiar with this kit, is there another bulb that fits and might work better for low-light plants?