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No, you don't treat this problem with salt or heat. If the spots are getting more white, then i would do a couple of things. Put her in the QT, and treat her for both external parasites and fungal infections. One treatement, then the other - not both at once. Clout is a good product for getting rid of external parasites, if you can get it. And there's quite a few anti-fungal products on the market.
Thanks Escamosa. I moved her to a QT, where she seems more comfortable. She immediately started swimming more and hasn't really remained still - which I think is good. She's not acting erratic either, so that's good. I added Coppersafe, which is supposed to treat Parasites, in addition to ick, so I'll keep an eye on her to see how things go.

I did notice that after about an hour or so of medicating the tank, she's begun scratching herself on the decorations. I just watched her for about 2min and she constantly circles and scratches along the decorations. So, it's definitely bothering her, but at least she's still active. Hopefully we can nip this in the bud.