Les is a diamond tetra who survived an excess of dissolved gases about 4 weeks ago. He was doing great, and then last Monday, the temp in his 10g went from 25.5 to 26.9. He got very active, and re-injured his tail. Wednesday evening he started breathing very quickly, was quite skittish, was hiding a lot and stopped eating. HE started eating again a little bit on Friday. He has only eaten a little bit once a day since. On Saturday, we moved him to our main tank with some new buddies. He is still breathing really rapidly, his lower jaw on both sides seems swollen, his colour is off, eats really little bits once a day. He tends to hide out resting, and seems to be quite fatigued. Today he had a very skinny thread like poop. He also started to clamp his fins today.

He is not getting worse or better. I tend to think that when he was originally injured with air emboli, it weakened certain areas in him. When he got really active, he reinjured one area, and either threw a clot or something. I *feel* that his state is due to some internal injury, but I just want to make sure that there isn't a disease I am missing. I don't see signs of ich, velvet, external parasites, external infections, or anything red or oozing. Just his lower jaw is swollen, has lack of appetite, is breathing really fast and is lethargic.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. please.