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That's quite an article. They write: There isn't much know about this infliction, it's not even known for sure to be a parasite.

Good grief. It's not known to be a parasite because it isn't a parasite! LOL

I just found this:

Health Issues
Stress Spots: This is usually mistaken for Neascus (Black spot disease). Blood Parrots sometimes get Stress Spots which are black splotches on the body or fins and this is caused by stress. This is typically present you bring them home but can also show up when in cases of shyness, bullying, breeding, illness, or sometimes nothing at all. The splotches will usually disappear after awhile once the problem is taken care of.
Oh I like the possibilities this brings. Heat could be the stressor. Or the ich or both. Fingers crossed. 4 (or 5 if I'm being really cautious) more days of heat treatment and I can start to gradually lower the temps. Fingers crossed that when we are back to normal the dark splotches will just go away. Thanks again!!