I've had chinese algae eater for a few weeks. Actually I found this 4 inch fish in my LFS, which at first I thought as the non aggressive fish because of hearing its name. And at first this fish proved itself to the real algae eater, dealing with the algae growing on my tank glass and driftwood. But then, several days later I found one of my molly dies, then the second one days later. I didn't see any sign of stress on both fish prior to their sudden death. But, in recent days I've just read many article about Chinese Algae Eater (CAE), and almost 80% of the article didn't recommend CAE for community tank (my tank is livebearer and cory cats community tank). Even these articles tend to condemn CAE as the pest for the community fish when they're adult (including the article I've seen here, if I'm not mistaken).

I feed my fish several hours ago, and I saw my CAE chasing other fish picking the pellet near it. And maybe the CAE was about to nip or suck my fish fins and scale unless they could swim fast. I started to worry this fish then. After that, I fed my fish a little pellets, just to make sure that my assumption is right. But, the CAE didn't do any aggression, even the CAE stayed calm under the drift wood while other fish could eat near CAE, even right in front of it.

The questions are:
1. can my CAE be categorized as the adult one?
2. is it possible that my CAE is the culprit of the 2 mollies' death?

I've had my tank densely planted, and there's big driftwood too in it...

Thanks in advance.. :)