One month ago I set up a 55 gallon tank for freshwater tropical fish. I have sand, few live plants, one piece of malaysian driftwood (plan on adding an extra piece eventually). When I added water to the tank, set up the filter, heater I took the biomax nodules from my fluval u3 filter (in a 29 gallon tank) and added them to the new filter (Fluval C4). I also filled the new filter with water from my smaller tank. Yesterday I added approximately 9 more plants. I have added Seachem Stability while cycling from the beginning.

I tested my water today using the Nutrafin Mini Master kit (liquid). The ammonia, nitrite, nitrate are at zero level (colorless). However my PH level was approximately 7.8 according to the color chart.

I don't have any fish in the tank (fishless cycling). My old tank has neons, cardinals, 4 cory's, 2 otto's.

My plan is to add the cory's first, let them have the tank for a week or two, then add the other fish.

I haven't placed any fish in the new tank because I'm leery the level is too high.

Isn't 7.8 too high for these fish? My 29 gallon is around 6.9.

I thought about buying API PH Down to lower it. Suggestions?

Thanks! :)