Well my 20g and 40g planted tanks are overflowing with red cherry shrimp.

The weather has gotten a bit cooler, so shipping shrimp should be fine now. May want to look at your local temperature, if it's going to be in the 90F+ range may want to wait a bit longer.

$25 shipped for 20 Red Cherry Shrimp. Paypal preferred.

I'll include a few extra shrimp, to make sure 20 arrive in good shape. Shrimp will be a mix of adults and juveniles.

Will ship by USPS Priority. Continental US only. Shrimp will be in a kordon breather bag with a bit java moss for them to hold onto and packed in a foam insulated box.

I will ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, that way they don't get stuck in the post office for the weekend.