Okay: firstly, i need to know the averages adult sized of the following:
Eclipse cat:
Silver tip shark cat:
Pictus cat:
Second: are there any other small cats similar to the ones above?
Thirdly: can i put a black ghost knife in with any of the cats? Just one. I havent fully researched this fish yet.
Next, is it possible to put a small puffer in with a cat?
So i am setting up a brackish aquarium, and i am trying to decide what to put in it. I can only get as big as a 55gal. so im aware that i can only get a few of the fish i want, im thinking only 2 or three. Any advice, comments, concerns better ideas? I want to know everything before i start all this. Its possible for me to uprade to a larger tank,but not for a good 6 months to a year. The fish are only 2"-3" in size right now usually anyway and i know the BGK grows slowly.