One of my new angels dont seem to be doing so well. Yesterday I noticed he wasnt eating at all and was swimming around almost in slow motion. This morning I noticed he almost looked like he was gasping for air but still under water. Fins and gills going like crazy but his body wasnt moving that much. Like trying to run your fastest on a tredmill... moving fast but not going anywhere. By noon he was at the top and on his side. still beathing heavy and fis fins going like mad.

Water is perfect and at 78*. I have an airstone and a spnge filter going so I dont think its an oxygen issue. I dont see anything weird on him. No fuzz or wsorms that I can see. Though I did notice a thin red line in his tailfin starting at his body to the tip of the fin. Was thinking swimm bladder but not to sure. I've never had to deal with that one before.

He's having a seriously hard time now and cant drop down at all.
Any thoughts? Thanks!