Hi. I have six discus in a 60 gallon tank. recently removed the ug filter and have left the gravel in. have two hob filters, aquaclear 50 and penguine 350. Installing my eheim 2215 today. This tank has been cycled for about 5 years, but the discus are new. Only other members in tank are 4 clown loaches. I had been feeding live worms as the discus would not eat, now they will eat flake food but no pellets. The loaches will eat everything as fast as possible. I think the discus would eat the pellets but they dont seem to be able to find them in the gravel. My question is: should I just slowly remove the gravel completely, so they will see the pellets. Should I just give them flake and some occasional frozen blood worms. I have been doing a 20% water change almost daily. I am willing to remove the loaches if needed to not have them so competitive for food. All advice is appreciated.