We've decided to do a multi tank. It's a 36 gallon bowfront. We have a plant light (T5 dual) or just the factory light we can use? Do they like plants? I know sand, but do they like a finer sand or like the african sand (the black and white http://www.marinedepot.com/Caribsea_...0772-vi.html)? We have fairly hard, high pH water (although we are succesful breeders of rams, go figure). It has dual Aquaclear 70's running on the tank. what's the best to feed them (we feed our rams NLS cichlid pellets). What's a good number to start with of the multis? Are there top dwelling tank mates that are a good match? We do want to breed them so if not it's okay. Thank you, sorry for all the Questions, I'm pretty excited :)