well I'm very new to the hobby [about 7 weeks] and 2 weeks ago I got a 3.5" dinosaur bichir and have lost about 40 small fish oops. well I just got a 2nd 55 gal off craigslist to turn into a predatory tank and I am cycling it now.

I am trying to figure out what to stock it with that will survive the bichir. I was thinking of moving my 4" spotted hifin pleco, my 2x 4" common plecos, and my 2 peacock eels. But 3 fish don't make a tank. i was thinking of getting 1-2 ornate bichirs along with another dinosaur bichir. I was also thinking of getting another couple peacock eels[or other spiny eels if I can find them]. I would also like a striped raphael catfish, bango catfish, and a whiptail catfish and/or pleco.

If you can't tell I like the oddball fish. I'm trying to find other oddballs to stock this tank with but don't know as much as I like so would like some help finding others that would fit in. i do plan on breeding fancy plecos so was wanting to add a couple before I separate them into a breeding tank.

Also how do In move the fish between tanks without a bag?