That’s right, I’m up-grading
I just found a deal on a 180 gallon tank that I just can’t pass up. This might be considered a little early for a journal, but what the heck, here we go. Up until today, I thought a 180 would not fir down my staircase but I got a quote from a mover stating it could (with only a little drywall damage).

I’m going to be up-grading my 90 gallon reef to a 180 gallon reef. I just put the down payment down on the tank tonight and the guy at the SW LFS will place the order with his vendor in the morning. I should have the tank delivered sometime in mid-August. I can hardly wait

The tank will have an external overflow drilled for two 1.5” drain lines placed at the center of the back panel of the tank, and two 1 inch return lines drilled near each top-back corner of the tank. It will also have a black acrylic sheet attached to the out of the glass at the back as well as sides so I don’t have to worry about a background

I will be placing this tank in my basement right were the TV in the below pic sits. I will sell that TV and place the tank where it sits. The opening is about 12 inches longer than the tank so it will just fit. I will build the stand only 24” tall so I can place a newer (and lighter) TV on top of the canopy for this tank. The sump will go in the closet the is behind the wall just behind the TV

I already took some of the rock out of my 90 gallon to re-cure it to get rid of some flat worms, so I guess I will just leave it there until I’m ready to add SW to the 180.

As for the stocking plan, I’m thinking I will move all the fish and carpet anemone over into the 180 and the corals into my 120. I am thinking I want to add one or two more carpet anemones and maybe a single angel center pc fish. But I have not researched SW angels fish enough yet to make an informed decision Another option I’m also considering is a larger school of blue eyed cardinal fish (like 20 or so) as these guys really seem to be the tetras of the marine world. Lot of options I still need to read up on and learn about before making up my mind. Just some thoughts so far.

As for the hardware, I should have most everything that I need. I have a skimmer rated for a 400 gallon tank. If I add an algae scrubber on the sump I should be good to go. The 55 gallon sump from the 90 gallon should fit the bill for this set-up once I drill it for an external pump and upgrade my existing return pump. I have a few spare power heads so I should be OK for flow. Lighting will be a mixture of LEDs and T5Hos until I can afford some more LEDs but to start with it will be enough for the planned anemones.

I still have a lot more details to verify / look into, but I thought I might start the journal now to capture all of that.