I've really enjoyed reading other people's journals on here and looking at photos of how set-ups change over time. Now that my own tank has been through a few changes I thought I would post its history, up to where I am with it now.

Originally I bought the aquarium to create a small Tanganyikan tank. At the initial stage I got the following:
Interpet Fish Pod 120 (aquarium with built in lighting - two 15W bulbs and a nice cabinet/stand)
Eheim Classic 2213 canister filter
Interpet heater
A few bags of recycled sand and a large pack of crushed coral
A large boxful of rustic and green slate

The intended inhabitants were shell dwellers and some small cave dwellers so I needed some space at the front for shells and plenty of rockwork for caves.

Here's how it looked once I had set it up:

It looks quite barren and rather unnatural but the tank was only cycling at this stage. Looking back now I really wish I'd gone to more efforts to hide the filter and heater, but it had been a while since owning a tank so I wasn't very inventive at this stage.

Ok, so after cycling (fish food method...three week cycle) I added a few plants. I know these aren't really true to the Tanganyikan environment but I wanted a bit of colour, and something to hide the filter. I also got shells for the shell dwellers, and here's how it looked:

More to follow...